Snapshot of a diverse river

An hour or so spent by the Thames on Saturday in glorious weather gave a glimpse of the wonderfully diverse ways in which people use, work on or just simply enjoy the river. Here are some of the vessels seen passing Greenwich on Saturday…

There was the 1920s-built coal fired steam tug Portwey on one of its rare weekends taking passengers up and down the river.

The largest ship to be seen at the weekend was the cruise ship Silver Cloud which passed Greenwich on its way to the Upper Pool.

And where there’s a big ship coming in, a tug won’t be far away to help it get in to port. Svitzer Mercia seen here on her way up river, passing a small sailing boat.

It was also a lovely day to hop on a Thames Clipper, providing fast services between Greenwich and central London piers.

Or, indeed, one of the other passenger services departing from Greenwich Pier.

But some preferred more speedy ways of seeing the river.

While others enjoyed a gentler pace and sights along the river such as Trinity Hospital.

Some made a splash with smart motoboats like this Fairline Targa 38.

While others enjoyed the sun with some drinks aboard the 1960s-built charter boat MV Interceptor.

And others just like to get closer to the water.

And with all these wide-ranging ways in which people choose to use the river, it’s a good job the Port of London Authority are not too far away.





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