HMS Severn to visit London

THE Royal Navy’s HMS Severn will pass Greenwich this coming Wednesday en route to the Upper Pool for a six day visit.

The river-class patrol vessel is due at Tower Bridge for 12.45 so should pass the Thames Barrier about an hour before that and the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich at approximately 12.15 – is a recommended website for tracking vessels on the river.

She won’t be open to the public during the visit but some pre-arranged tours with sea cadets from London units will be taking place.

Lieutenant Commander Steve Banfield, HMS Severn’s Commanding Officer, commented: “My Ship’s Company and I are looking forward to bringing HMS Severn to the capital and to welcoming guests on board for a Capability Demonstration on Wednesday evening. We are honoured to have been invited to the Remembrance Service in St Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday and then to play our part at the NFL game at Wembley stadium.”

The vessel, nick named Lucky Severn, is one of three vessels which patrol the UK’s Exclusive Economic Zone and she acted as the starter ship at the recent Tall Ships Regatta which started at Falmouth and finished at Greenwich.

HMS Severn at the Thames Barrier

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