Changing view from Greenwich Park

The changing view from Greenwich Park looking towards the Isle of Dogs is well noted as new towers continue to spring up around Canary Wharf. But wandering through the park the other day, I noticed that the view looking towards the Dome has also substantially altered. I took a photo and by luck found one in my archives which roughly corresponded to it so have been able to create this animated GIF which illustrates some of the changes to that part of Greenwich over the past eight years.

Changing view from Greenwich Park

If for any reason the animated version above doesn’t work, or you just want to look at the photos more carefully without the rotation, here are the still images from 2008 and 2016.


park_view_2016 editor, interested in things on the river and tales from the archives.


  1. Aisha says

    This is a very common issue for ppl like me who bought their homes after falling in love with the view, mine is further down river and not so glam, but I love it nonetheless. I used to be able to follow ships snaking along the river across an extensive panorama. Today, like this view, that sense peaceful flow has been obliterated by the Carbuncle Cup award winning Tesco and non-descript blocks of luxury flats.
    It’s progress I guess, these monstrosities do serve a valid purpose in meeting the needs of a fast growing city, but I do have a deep sense of loss, that impacts on all of us at a level way beyond the loss of my Thames view.


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