HMS Defender leaves, HMS Ocean to arrive next week

After a six day visit to the capital, the Daring class destroyer HMS Defender sailed out of Greenwich yesterday. The Type 45 warship had been in London for a port visit which helped mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli and she also welcomed aboard visitors last weekend who all seemed to give it the thumbs up, judging by the reaction on social media. [Read more…]

HMS Defender arrives at Greenwich

IN the very early hours of this morning, HMS Defender arrived at Greenwich.

The Royal Navy’s state-of-the-art destroyer is making its first visit to the capital and will be moored at Greenwich until next Tuesday.

Her visit, and that of HMS Middleton which will be coming up the river to HMS President at Wapping on Friday, is timed to coincide with the centenary of the Battle of Gallipoli. [Read more…]

London Borough of Greenwich created 50 years ago today

In the big local government shakeup of 1965, the London Borough of Greenwich was created, bringing together the Metropolitan boroughs of Greenwich and Woolwich. That change came in to effect fifty years ago today, with the new borough using the name of Greenwich but being based in Woolwich.

At the very last meeting of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich, councillors used the final motion to express their “deep regret that the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich” was to lose its identity on 31st March 1965. [Read more…]

April Fools’ Day joke gone wrong

It’s that slightly infuriating day in the year when you can’t trust all that you read as folk try and catch you out with an April Fools’ Day joke. I did one when a few years ago when I put an article on the site saying there had been a spelling mistake in the Queen’s Royal Charter and the borough had been named as Royal Greeenwich (with three Es) in error – I believe it did fool a few people! [Read more…]

Barrier closed for 175th time to protect London

THE THAMES Barrier was closed for the 175th time to protect London on Saturday.

The closure was ordered to keep the capital safe from a very high tide that was predicted. The closure started at about 10.30 and by midday, all the gates were fully raised.

As high tide approached at about 2pm, water spilled across the path and on to grass at Barrier Gardens. [Read more…]

Greenwich Time: The courts will decide

In the last days of this Government with Purdah kicking in shortly, Eric Pickles decides to strike another blow against democracy by trying to prevent the Royal Borough from publishing Greenwich Time.

This was subsequently followed by him deciding to go the whole hog and include a number of neighbouring Boroughs. They are now considering their legal options. The cabinet met last week and decided to seek a judicial review. This decision was not taken lightly but based on the legal advise given in advance. [Read more…]

High spring tide covers Thames Path at Greenwich

A VERY high tide saw the Thames sloshing across the Thames path at Greenwich on Friday and Saturday.

The Environment Agency had earlier issued flood alerts for the Tidal Thames riverside between the Thames Barrier and Putney.

Seeing the path outside the Old Royal Naval College covered with water is not uncommon – the Environment Agency doesn’t close the Barrier unless they believe the tide level will rise higher still – but it does make for a very interesting spectacle. [Read more…]

Who is writing and recording Greenwich’s history?

In the name of historical accuracy I have just been tangling with how to make a comment on a Wikipedia page – on one hand its all lovey hippy Californiarey and the other hand its impossible. So I thought I would stick with Rob and write something about current historical writing in Greenwich.

Now I am very aware that there are a lot of us at it –every day I see on twitter something someone had published or brought out about our area. Some of it looks a bit dire – and most of it I will never really see. Review copies no longer seem to be around. If it is industrial in nature I do try and track it down and give it a write up on the GIHS blog – but that is sometimes pretty hard work. [Read more…]

If we’re to have an IKEA in Greenwich let’s make sure it’s the right one

Few local issues have been as controversial as IKEA’s plans for a new Greenwich store on the Bugsby’s Way site currently occupied by Sainsbury’s “eco-friendly” low energy supermarket and the former Comet building. I recall vividly the large number of local residents that took the time last year to attend the meeting of the Council’s Planning Board at which IKEA’s outline planning application was considered. They did so not only to express their sorrow at the loss of Sainsbury’s Stirling-prize nominated landmark store (sadly hamstrung by a highly restrictive covenant) but also to raise concerns about what a new IKEA store on the site would mean for an already congested local road network and the noxious air pollution that is its corollary. [Read more…]