Greenwich Time: The courts will decide

In the last days of this Government with Purdah kicking in shortly, Eric Pickles decides to strike another blow against democracy by trying to prevent the Royal Borough from publishing Greenwich Time.

This was subsequently followed by him deciding to go the whole hog and include a number of neighbouring Boroughs. They are now considering their legal options. The cabinet met last week and decided to seek a judicial review. This decision was not taken lightly but based on the legal advise given in advance. [Read more…]

All Change At The Town Hall

It is an enormous privilege to be elected Deputy Leader of the Royal Borough. Although we had a brilliant result in the local elections. Nothing must be taken for granted. With power comes responsibility to get things right in the interests of the community we serve. In the age of social media, problems and criticism emerge quickly, not always accurate but they demand a more urgent response. Sometimes seen as uncaring, more often seen as unwilling to listen and taking everyone for granted. So far from the truth. [Read more…]